QPatch II - Sophion

Improving the benchmark for cardiac safety

QPatch II

A barcode scanner on the gripper arm
and stacking of plates on the work
plane provides faster and more robust

QPatch II is designed to overcome the constant pressure to increase lab efficiency while maintaining high throughput and data quality.

The new intuitive software interface ensures fast training and onboarding, reduce human errors and enable staff rotation in the laboratory.

The faster control software and new hardware design deliver robust unattended operation, so you can meet the demands of a modern and up-to-date ion channel laboratory.

Meet tomorrows demands today

  • The new user interface enables untrained personnel to learn how to operate QPatch II in less than 10 minutes
  • New control software gives a faster and more precise unattended operation which helps meeting demanding timelines.
  • New instrument design provides a reduced cell consumption, smaller footprint, a simplified work plane and improved modules for cell handling and QPlate positioning, all to further improve assay quality and instrument robustness.
  • New software features such as online adaptive V½ estimation, predefined standard protocols (for e.g. CIPA) and possibilities to run or re-run directly from system without any setup steps.

QPatch II – designed to handle the needs of the modern ion channel lab

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